Attractions Factory is a manufacturer of park rides

Years of experience in the field of attractions for children, having highly qualified technical specialists and a correspondingly high quality of new and popular children's and family attractions.

Buy rides for kids is more and more popular choice for customers.

All entertainment equipment has all the appropriate licenses, in accordance with international standards requirements.

We produce a huge assortment of various children's attractions and family attractions for both parks and playgrounds, our factory from China cooperates with several factories with various production directions in these areas.

The development of R & D in our company is based on many years of experience in creating entertainment attractions and customer needs.

We are assembling and testing new models of amusement rides and matrices, at the same time observing all the rules for upgrading products, taking into account innovation and design, based on an analysis of the current market of services and products provided.

We have a lot of trained and experienced staff, including:

  • highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in designing attractions for children;
  • professional technical staff who can quickly and efficiently carry out installation / disassembly of any of our attractions;
  • ready to help help with the rides in any situation 24/7 at any time;
  • sales managers who provide reliable, suitable solutions for children's amusement rides are ready to create for you only the best, modern and park attraction for children.

Ready to find the best solution for you at the best price.