• The spiral

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      The spiral is a new modern attraction. This is really an attraction that will not leave any person indifferent!

      Entering the Spiral, a person enters a rotating whirlwind / tunnel. When you get inside the tunnel, it seems that you are not able to stand on your feet after 7-10 seconds of being there. The human brain is not used to such transformations of the surrounding space. The brain receives visual signals that everything around you is moving - you roll over, the earth goes under your feet.

      The spiral causes sharp, explosive emotions, adrenaline beats over the edge, the vestibular apparatus fails!

      The attraction is pleasant to everyone, visitors feel full contact with the space around them.

      The decor of the attraction is made at the request of the customer (with the effect of the starry sky, black, hole, cobwebs, etc.).

      We produce a turnkey attraction because we know exactly what the customer needs.

      "Spiral" will certainly appeal to both adults and children (children aged five years and over are eligible for the attraction).

      Installing this entertainment will not require the allocation of a special room for it - you can use the free space in your shopping center to make good profits and at the same time provide unforgettable emotions to the residents of your city.

      Vortex is made exclusively from certified materials and components. The attraction is completed with all the necessary documents for operation (technical data sheet, installation scheme, assembly instructions, power supply scheme).