• Turned house 2020
  • Turned house 2020

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      The shapeshifter's house is small - it has two floors with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. There is a workshop and a garage on the "first floor". Accordingly, with the car.

      Otherwise, the description is simple: the house stands on the roof, than everything is said. At the same time, there are usual items for a small dwelling - a stove, a sink and a refrigerator in the kitchen, tables and chairs, an armchair, a sofa, shelves, a computer, photos and paintings.

      There are eggs fried in the frying pan. There are curtains on the windows - from the bottom to the top. In the bathroom overhangs over the heads of visitors toilet and bath, on them are hygiene and disinfectants. And nothing falls.

      What is noteworthy is that objects just do not fall, but are not turned over according to the laws of gravity. Contrary to Newton, there are all kinds of noises and blades hanging above the kitchen table - the heavy part to the floor above your head.

      Decorative masks on the walls of the living room also forgot about the laws of nature. Even the cartoon on the TV (and in the interior there is also a miracle of technology - working) is "on the contrary", and it can be viewed in its entirety. It's a pity - you cannot check how the water will behave if you open the tap in the sink or bath.

      Dimensions of rooms and objects - normal, familiar. Therefore, it is impossible to try to sit on the sofa or a chair or climb into the bathroom in the Shape Shifter House even if you have a desire and permission - climbing is too high. But there are no restrictions on taking pictures. And you can touch everything you can reach.