• Ribbon maze

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      Like patterns from a children's kaleidoscope, a person sees in a ribbon maze. There are no familiar landmarks for labyrinths: rooms and cabins to help get out of space. The walls, floor, and ceiling in red - the transition between the two is indistinguishable to the eye. Tangled moves of bright ribbons create the effect of infinity and weightlessness!

      A very interesting bright and colorful attraction for the mall, a real rainbow of color for children and adults. It is a zone completely filled with multi-colored ribbons attached to the ceiling (or a special frame).

      Children love to hide, walk and run through the thickets of multicolored "lianas" hanging from the ceiling. Holiday colors and colors, positive emotions are guaranteed.

      Product features

      Age: from 3 years old and older

      Absolutely safe attraction

      Maintenance free

      Very easy to operate and maintain.

      The minimum recommended area of ?30 - 40 sq.m. and higher.

      The larger the area, the more interesting is the ribbon maze.

      In such a maze, you can realize false dead ends and corridors, thereby greatly complicating the way to search for a way out and create additional interest.

      Both mirror and ribbon mazes can be set up as separate objects, or in combination with each other, creating a sequence of transition from one to another.

      Installation height is not less than 3.2 m.

      Basic complete set of a labyrinth

      Lighting fixtures;

      The sign on the maze;

      Monitor 32 ’

      Registration, accounting and control system


      (possibility of online broadcast);

      Internal video surveillance system with the ability to display images on the main screen;

      2 mini cameras.