• Mirror maze

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      Mirror labyrinths are amazing mirror entertainment for the whole family, which is a fun attraction consisting of intricate corridors surprising with mirror infinity, impressions, and vivid emotions.

      Novelty is a powerful competitive advantage. The labyrinth of illusions is one of the most attractive new products in the amusement business and not every city has such an attraction.

      Year-round use. Most of the rides are tied to weather conditions and open-air parks. They earn money only in a season - 4-6 months a year. Our attraction brings profit all year, and this is 12 months of stable income!

      High throughput - up to 20 people can be in the labyrinth at the same time, which allows quick payback and high profitability.

      Quick payback. The payback of such attractions is from 3 to 6 months.

      Wide target audience. The labyrinth will not leave anyone indifferent - it is interesting both for children and adults.

      Ease of maintenance. Qualified technicians with additional skills and experience are not required to work on an attraction.

      Lack of service. It does not require any service work or periodic maintenance, unlike dynamic rides with complex hydromechanics or computer program components.

      Attracting groups of people. The possibility of group visits to the maze with whole classes, excursion groups or groups of friends.

      Easy to assemble. When you install the maze does not need large cash investments in the repair and interior decoration. When installing it is not necessary to drill the walls, floor or ceiling of the room in which it will be located.

      The minimum number of permits. The attraction does not require additional permits and certificates.

      Basic complete set of a mirror labyrinth:

      Lighting fixtures;

      The sign on the maze;

      32 inch monitor;

      The system of registration, accounting and control of visitors (the possibility of online broadcast);

      Internal video surveillance system with the ability to display images on the main screen;

      2 mini cameras.